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Dec. 28, 2020

Home Business Tips

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How to Take Your Home-Based Business to the Next Level


As a small business owner working from home, you are probably well aware of the advantages and drawbacks of running your business out of your house. From the efficiency of your workflow to the design ...

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Oct. 13, 2019

Preparing Your Home for the Colder Months

Preparing Your Home for the Colder Months 


Now that the warm summer months are behind us, it’s time to prepare for winter. Regardless of whether you expect to see sub-zero temperatures this season or you live in one of the warmer climates, preparing your home for colder weather can ...

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Sept. 13, 2019

4 Reasons to Sell this Fall

4 Reasons to Sell this Fall

Traditional lore says that the best time to list your home for sale is spring and if it hasn’t sold by the end of summer, you’re out of luck. Along the same lines, homeowners across the country are often advised not to list in ...

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March 22, 2019

House Hunting Online

Top Tips for House Hunting Online

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Hunting for a new home online a is a great place to start your search but keep in mind that you don’t see everything. Real estate agents are great at highlighting the features of a house listing online but to make the most of ...

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March 8, 2019

Tips For Buyers Considering a Fixer Upper

Tips for a Buyer of a Fixer-Upper


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Over the last few years weekend warriors have been delighted to find an abundance of television shows devoted to fixing up homes. More specifically, they show viewers how to take a fixer upper and turn it from an ugly duckling to ...

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Feb. 22, 2019

Choosing A New Home Builder



You’ve found the perfect patch of land and now you’re ready to build your new home, from scratch. The right home builder is the key between a beautiful custom home and a project filled with delays and extra costs – a money pit. If you don’t have a ...

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Feb. 15, 2019

8 Things Buyers Notice as Soon as they Walk In


Buyers notice everything – good and bad. From the moment they walk in the front door, they are trying to determine if this is the right home for them and their family. If you have your home listed for sale, paying attention to what the buyers notice can mean ...

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Feb. 8, 2019

How to Know When it's Time to Move?


Most people dread the thought of moving, yet those same people love it when they move. Why? Most likely it’s emotional attachment and nostalgia for a beloved home. It’s understandable but yet a home that just doesn’t fit your needs any longer can make even the most loved home ...

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Jan. 18, 2019

Real Estate Advice to Ignore




Buying or selling your home is a big decision. It’s natural to have questions, but how can you tell if the information and advice you receive is accurate to your situation? Not only can you find bad information online but it might come from unexpected sources, like ...

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Nov. 16, 2018

Selling During The Holidays

The Holiday Season has arrived and many home sellers are concerned it’s the wrong time to list their homes. The truth is that the holidays can be a great time to sell your home. Not only does your home look more beautiful dressed up for the holidays, but buyers are ...

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